Top Five David Lynch Films

You can’t easily forget a David Lynch film. Since his debut film Eraserhead, the director has created some of the most unique and imaginative films in recent history. Here are five of his best films.

5)Wild At Heart (1990)

This energetic love story about two lovers (Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern) on the run earned Lynch the Palme d’Or at Cannes and quite rightly so. Imaginative and tense, the film is a unique take on the romance story and Cage and Dern give excellent performances.

4)Lost Highway (1997)

A moody psychological thriller about a musician (Bill Pullman) who begins to receive videotapes of his house is pure Lynchian. This is most apparent in the narrative which, like Eraserhead, feels like a nightmare. The gorgeous cinematography captures Los Angeles whilst adding to the erratic atmosphere.


3)Eraserhead (1977)

To try to understand the debut film of David Lynch is to lose its impact. A surreal nightmare with startling visuals that offer little explanation of what the film is about. The haunting black and white cinematography and complex sound design build a frightening world. The dark and bizarre dream is also a key element that the director often plays around with.

2)The Elephant Man (1980)

One of the director’s more conventional films, The Elephant Man tells the real life story of Joseph Merrick (John Hurt) and the struggles he faced because of his severe deformity. Lynch creates a moving drama and John Hurt gives an amazing performance that captures the humanity of Merrick.

1)Blue Velvet (1986)

After failing to achieve critical or commercial success with Dune, the director hit back with his best film. The film centres on Jeffrey (Kyle MacLachlan) who, after discovering a severed ear, is pulled into the seedy underground of his home town. Blue Velvet is a neo-noir masterpiece that features a genuinely terrifying performance by Dennis Hopper as Frank.



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